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Microfon RE300

The Electrovoice RE-320 Premium Dynamic Microphone features a neodymium element, sensitivity and frequency response well suited to handle the gamut of recording applications. Electro-Voice's Variable-D tonal response aides in combating proximity effect as well as create an even tonal response at 180° of the capsule, making it ideal for capturing vocals and signals that move around the perimeter of the microphone. Its neodymium capsule handles high SPL levels making it ideal for capturing transient audio signals from amplifier cabinets, percussion instruments, horns, loud vocals and more. In addition, the RE-320 features a kick drum curve switch which automatically adjusts for the frequency response of kick drums.

RE320's unique "Dual Personality" switch creates two ideal mics in one.
Neodymium magnet creates higher output with faster transient response and greater high-frequency detail.
EV's exclusive Variable-D proximity control ensures pure and natural tone.
EV's classic humbucking coil guards against EMF interference and hum.
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